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ScanBox Insulated Food Transport Carts

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Catering To Your Specific Needs

ScanBox has the most comprehensive range of insulated food transport carts on the market. Engineered for both cold and hot holding, ScanBox preserves food quality, keeping items fresh and with perfect texture. The heavy-duty construction of each ScanBox unit provides stability for use in large commercial kitchens to serving stations, and all other demanding work environments.

The stylish design features make ScanBox versatile for operation in both back and front of house, as it easily blends into any environment. The ScanBox is designed to fit Gastronorm (GN) pans and trays, making it one of the most convenient food holding and transporting solutions on the market.


The Many Benefits Of Using ScanBox

Male chef removing food tray from ScanBox unit

> Guaranteed food quality.
> Maintains even temperature.
> Saves steps, time, and money.
> Designed for back & front of house.
> Blends into any environment.
> Quick open & close, easy to load.
> Hold & transport hot and cold food.

> Equipped with wear-resistant materials.
> Detachable U-shaped runners for easy cleaning.
> Robust and elegant, Scandinavian design.
> Light weight, yet heavy duty.
> Protective chassis and top frame.
> Vinyl-wrap for a smart, eye-catching marketing tool.

ScanBox features image one for mobile

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Stable push and pull handles on back


Sides are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic to absorb everyday shocks.


Inside is constructed from aluminum, which is a 14-times better conductor than stainless steel.


Control panel at eye level


Hot food compartment on top


Cold food compartment on bottom


Adjustable ventilation for moisture control


Robust stainless steel frame with protective rubber edges


Extra loading space on top with railing


Extra loading space on top with railing


Large, heavy-duty castor wheels

Designed For Convenience

Food in a stainless steel tray being put inside of the heated ScanBox

Conveniently designed to fit Gastronorm (GN) pans and trays.

Female chef pushing the ScanBox unit through a kitchen area

Quick and secure tansportation of your prepared food items.

The large durable wheels and castors of a ScanBox unit

Large, heavy-duty castor wheels with central braking system.

Two workers moving a ScanBox unit from a transport vehicle

Smooth and easy maneuverability on all surfaces.


ScanBox Is Perfect For

ScanBox Is Perfect For


Which ScanBox Is Right For You?

Discover our comprehensive range of ScanBox insulated food transport carts. Our innovative design offers multiple advantages in comparison with more traditional boxes for cold/hot holding. Learn more about the differences between each unit and find the ScanBox that meets your exact needs.

ScanBox Ergo Line

Ergo Line

Optimal for kitchens with limited space or frequent transports. Ergo Line fits GN1/1 pans and is focused on ergonomics and efficiency during holding and transportation of hot and cold food. Perfect during the busy lunch hours or whenever flexibility and easy operation are your priorities. Quality in every inch and a solid shell protects and preserves food quality.

ScanBox Banquet Line

Banquet Line

Optimizing space and capacity yet easy to transport. Banquet Line fits GN2/1 and is often used for holding and transportation of food in environments that require sustained food quality, high capacity and style. Perfect for large-scale catering such as banquets and events where thousands of people need to be served at the same time.

ScanBox Under Counter Line

Under Counter

Versatility for lounges and smaller serving areas. Under Counter line is developed to fit under buffet and serving lines, kitchen shelving and tables. The Under Counter is versatile and can be used both as stationary equipment and as a mobile external cater box.

ScanBox Banquet Master

Banquet Master

For efficient large scale catering and banquetting. After cooking the food in your combi, you simply roll the whole rack directly into the Banquet Master. Perfect for larger kitchens where efficiency and temperature control are important factors. The risk of spillage and burns are greatly reduced since pans or plates are not moved one by one between your oven and the Banquet Master.

ScanBox Bakery Line

Bakery Line

Optimal for proofing and keeping bakery goods hot or cold. An insulated box for distribution and storage of neutral, heated or cold bakery goods. The Bakery box is available for two different tray sizes. The ergonomic push/pull handles and large castors make the Bakery box easy and safe to maneuver.

ScanBox Stackable Line


Small scale catering made safe and easy. Stackable and insulated food transport boxes are excellent for holding and transportation of hot and cold food for a shorter time or distance. Perfect for small-scale catering where you need a smooth transport solution for a smaller amount of food – or as a complement to the larger banquet carts. Use a trolley for convenient transportation and get a level of utility and flexibility that goes above and beyond.

ScanBox Basic Line

Basic Line

Optimal for kitchens that needs a box with high quality construction and performance, but demands less functions and features. Basic Line fits GN1/1 pans and is focused on solving holding and transportation of hot and cold food on a budget. This product line has a limited range of Extras and Accessories available.





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