F.DICK KNIVES: Discover Your Series

Find the right knife for you. Friedr. Dick offers the perfect knife for all ranges of applications and for all budgets. From our exclusive 1778 series to the entry-level ProDynamic series, every knife fan will find individual products to suit their needs.

All products manufactured by Friedr. Dick are distinguished by their sustainable design, well-thought-out functionality and highest level of quality. Up your game by equipping your kitchen with Friedr. Dick knives.

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Honest quality at a lower price!

Professional and uncomplicated. With the Pro-Dynamic series, working in the kitchen is even more fun! You can choose between a wide range of different knife shapes to suit your cutting tasks.


Consistent, clear and durable quality that you can feel. Are you looking for a forged knife that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of cutting techniques, cooking creations and flavour explosions? ActiveCut is the right series for you.

Red Spirit

Passionate. Uncompromising. Extraordinary. The Red Spirit series combines Asian craftsmanship with the virtues of German quality workmanship. The clear but striking design will make your Red Spirit knives a real eye-catcher in your kitchen.

Pink Spirit

Bring colour into your kitchen! The pink version of the popular Spirit series will bring colour and optimism into your everyday life. Proceeds from the sale of each Pink Spirit series knife go to support women's cancer research.

Premier Plus

Classic. Perfected. Timeless. Trusted by professionals world-wide, the Premier Plus series knives are known for their exceptional quality and effortless cutting. Give your creativity free-rein to prepare exciting dishes, with the ease and comfort you deserve.

1905 Series

Exclusive. Modern. Unique. The year 1905 was one of radical change and technical progress. During this year, Friedr. Dick created a knife handle design to feature (3) solid collars, instead of traditional rivets. With the 1905 series, Friedr. Dick developed truly unique knives that clearly stood out from all previous designs.

1778 Series
Our most premium knife series

Precious and elegant. This knife series reflects F.DICK's history like no other. The year 1778 is the founding year of the Friedr. Dick company in Esslingen, Germany. The handles and cutting edge of each and every 1778 knife are forged by hand by F. DICK craftsmen.

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