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Care & Maintenance
Proper use, storage and maintenance will help extend the life of your AMT cookware. Our comprehensive AMT user guide is provided in both English & French.

1. Before using the cookware for the first time, remove the packaging and sticker from the bottom of the cookware.

2. Cookware should be washed with soap and water and then wiped dry. Strong detergents, brushes, rough or wire scrubbers are not recommended.

3. Place the cookware on the proper sized burner or element on your cook top. The element should match the size of the base of the cookware. This will maximize energy efficiency while cooking. For Induction cookware (a red induction symbol will be indicated on the cookware packaging) it is also important to use the proper sized burner or element. In some cases, if using a small pan on a large element, the cook top may not respond to the bottom of the dish.

4. Heat up your AMT cookware using a high temperature setting for about 1-2 minutes. To check if a pan is properly heated, put a small amount of water on the flat tab piece of the pan (illustrated in the picture shown). If the pan is properly heated the water placed on the tab piece should boil (air bubbles will be visible). AMT cookware distributes heat evenly across the entire product surface. Only use a high temperature setting to heat the cookware initially, then reduce the temperature to medium or low. The maximum warm-up time should not exceed 5 minutes. Do not overheat the pan, as keeping the temperature too high for too long can damage the non-stick coating. Do not leave the cookware unattended when the oven is turned on.

The entire surface of the pan will be VERY hot! Do not touch the hot pan without kitchen gloves or other proper hand protection.   The Bakelite handles will remain cool enough to handle when used on a cook top.  If they are used in the oven, the handles will become as hot as the pan.  We also recommend the use of one of our detachable handles if you will be using the pans in an oven regularly.  

5. LOTAN® (non-stick coating) is adapted for frying, cooking and baking without using oil / fat. If you decide to use a fat, oil, or non-stick oil spray, etc, make sure they are suitable for frying. Fats and oils have different smoking temperatures. Reduce the temperature when the dish begins to smoke or when you can smell the overheated oil.

6. While cooking, baking or frying it is recommended to use utensils made of soft materials like silicone, wood, or nylon. Never use metal, ceramic, pointed tools or immersion blenders as they will damage the surface of your AMT cookware.

7. AMT cookware can be used in ovens with the handles (except cookware with detachable handles), at a maximum temperature of up to 240°C (450° F). When taking the dish out from the oven, always use a kitchen glove, as the handles also become hot in the oven.

Attention! The maximum temperature for detachable handles is 140° (285°F).  For cookware without handles, or that have stainless steel handles, the maximum temperature is 260° (500°F).

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