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ScanBox Ergo Line Combo Catering Cabinet (Hot 4 / Cold 4)

Item: ELCCF44

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> Hold & transport hot & cold food.
> GN1/1 capacity.
> Two separate compartments (one hot, one cold).
> Each compartment holds 4 runners.
> Total capacity of 8 GN1/1 containers given 65mm CC.
> Light weight, yet heavy duty.
> Ergonomic top frame handle.
> Easy-to-roll 160mm castors.
> Variable temperature setting up to +90°C and down to +3°C.
> User friendly temperature controller.
> Adjustable ventilation for optimal moisture control.
> Detachable U-shaped runners for easy cleaning & optimal temperature distribution.
> Scandinavian design.
> Made for both back and front of house.

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Ergo Line Combo ExP 
Cooling + Hot

Ergo Line Combo C4+H4 is a light weight, yet heavy duty, cart for holding and transportation of hot and cold food with GN1/1 capacity. One cart but two separate compartments, one hot and one cold, that each hold 4 runners and a user friendly temperature controller with infinitely variable temperature setting up to +90°C and down to +3°C respectively. Choose between static heating system (S) or fan heating system (F) and Peltier cooling (P) and compressor cooling (K). Total capacity of 8 GN1/1 containers given 65mm CC. Detachable U-shaped runners offer safe handling, easy cleaning and optimal temperature distribution. Other features are adjustable ventilation for optimal moisture control, ergonomic top frame handle and easy-to-roll 160mm castors. A ScanBox is a Scandinavian designed product made for both back and front of house, especially with the Signature option with the possibility to customize the exterior design.


ScanBox Environmental Performance (ExP) Upgrade

A great product just got better and greener! At ScanBox we work with passion and determination to make great products even better. We continuously challenge the industry status quo and keep breaking barriers to find the optimal solution for holding and transportation of hot and cold food. ExP is the newest upgrade and provides a brand new standard built on three important pillars – Design, Performance and Environment!


NOTE! Central Brake System as shown in the picture is not included as standard, but is a highly recommended option.

HS = Heating Static | HF = Heating Fan | CP = Cooling Peltier | CC = Cooling Compressor


Item number PS: ELCPS44 | PF: ELCPF44 | CS: ELCCS44 | CF: ELCCF44
Capacity 4+4 x GN 1/1 65 mm
Measurements (mm) W540 x H1277 x D810 / 870 (compressor)
Weight 62-70 kg
Connection 220V-240V / 1 phase / 50-60Hz
Rated Current PS: 2,38A | PF: 3,09A | CS: 1,99 A | CF: 2,7 A
Temperature +3–20°C / H ≤ +90 °C



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